Elevate II Tablet Display Stands

Floor Stand Kiosk - The Floor Stand Kiosk with a 45° arm can be displayed anywhere there is floor space.

Countertop Kiosk - The Countertop Kiosk is the freestanding solution for displaying an tablet on a desk or counter with a 45° arm. It is easy to move from one place to another.

Wall | Countertop Mount Kiosk - The Wall | Countertop Mounted Kiosk utilizes hidden mounting hardware underneath the countertop with a 45° arm, so it sits flush against the surface for a clean appearance.

On-Wall Kiosk - The On-Wall Kiosk is designed for permanent installation to flat surfaces. It features a shorter 90° arm and utilizes mounting hardware that sits on top of the surface it is attached to making this a great kiosk display stand

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We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.

Elevate II Tablet Kiosks

The Elevate II line of kiosks is a sleek, full-featured solution for turning any Apple or Galaxy tablet into an interactive display. Create a highly interactive and customer engaging display signage that fits any space.

iPad Safe Control iPad Access Stay Connected Easy Kiosk cable managment

Keep Your iPad Safe

Each Elevate II tablet enclosure is equipped with a push-lock and key so you can keep your tablet in the enclosure without fear of being removed.

Each kiosk also comes with a slot compatible with Kensington Locks, so you can tether the entire kiosk to an immovable object for maximum security.

  • Push Lock and Key
  • Keep Your tablet in the Enclosure
  • Compatible with Kensington Lock
  • Tether Kiosk to Immovable Object
  • Maximum Security

Control What Guests Can Access

The standard tablet enclosure on all Elevate II kiosks cover the tablet's home button, so guests can only interact with the content that you choose

  • Standard on All Elevate II Kiosks
  • Tablet Home Button Covered
  • Control What Guests Access

Stay Connected

The Elevate II won't block Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or 4G signals so you can keep your tablet connected to wireless data.

  • Will Not Block Wi-Fi
  • Will Not Block Bluetooth
  • Will Not Block 4G Signals
  • Keep Connected to Wireless Data

Cable Management

Keep your tablet charged while keeping your cable hidden using the cable through hidden inside the Elevate II

  • Keep Your Tablet Charged
  • Keep Your Cable Hidden
  • Perfect Cable Managment

Configurations & Custom
Tablet Kiosks On Demand

The options are yours to choose from. Take full advantage of Elevate II tablet kiosks endless possibilities for your business.

Elevate II Tablet Kiosk Display Stand Options

Full-feature solution for turning a tablet into an interactive display

Countertop Tablet Kiosks

Countertop Tablet Kiosks

The Countertop Kiosk is the freestanding solution for displaying on a desk or counter.

On-Wall Tablet Kiosks

Wall Mounted Tablet Kiosks

A full-featured solution for turning a tablet into an interactive display on a flat surface.

Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk

Floor Standing Tablet Kiosks

The Floor Stand Kiosk can be displayed anywhere there is floor space, making it perfect for retail showrooms, hotel lobbies, tradeshow displays, and many other public spaces.

Tablet Kiosks

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The Elevate II Tablet Kiosk for is the ultimate commercial solution for trade shows, museums, public spaces, and for anyone using an iPad or tablet for multimedia display signage.